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Uploading Images For Us to Host

When sending MMS messages, the content must be hosted somewhere on the Internet prior to sending. If you don't have the image hosted, we will host it for you. Once it's hosted, you can send it to as many recipients as you wish.

You need to make an HTTP POST request specifying your account key and the content of the file. The URL is "". The form variable for your account key is named "AccountKey" and the form variable for your file content is "UploadedFile". Thus, the entire request (using CURL) would look like this:

curl -F AccountKey={YOURACCOUNTKEY} -F UploadedFile=@{PATH TO FILE}

The value returned from this request will the the URL to your hosted image. For example, if you have a file called "logo.png", here's what the request and response might look like

Request: curl -F AccountKey={YOURACCOUNTKEY} -F UploadedFile=@logo.png

You can now pass this URL in as the"URLofContent" parameter for sending MMS.

If you're sending to multiple recipients, you only need to upload it once. The URL we provide back is good for unlimited uses until the content expires (one month after the last time it was sent to a recipient)

Limitations / Notes

  • At this time, only JPG, GIF and PNG uploads are accepted. We may permit the uploading of other file types in the future.
  • The maximum file size is 5MB
  • Files will be removed if they have not been sent to an MMS recipient for longer than one month.

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